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15 December 2007

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Alex Bogusky on Creativity

30 October 2007

Alex Bogusky gave 4 part interview on Creativity from a Marketing (business) perspective, he was the 34th on the list of Business 2.0 of People Who Matter. Although much of the interview is on personal stuff, and how the company changed (and is changing), there are parts that are interesting on how creativity works. He especially mentions how he likes entrepreneurial people, and gives them the room to be entrepreneurial. I liked on quote from Board’s interview “Our unwritten policy has always been to drop what we are doing when someone needs our help. The person you help today may be the person you need to help you the day a hand grenade rolls into your office.” In my next entry I will try to discuss this very quote from a scientific perspective and give examples from both IDEO and Mckinsey.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Vodpod videos no longer available.


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Vodpod videos no longer available.


Ideas & Creativity

24 October 2007

Scanning the web I found some great video’s on brightcove posted by 1to1media. Three part interview with Jo-Anne Ebensteiner, Don Peppers, John Gaffney, and Dan Pink. But currently only two are available:

Part 1: Ideas & Creativity

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Part 2: Ideas & Creativity

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Most stuff seems to be a summary of what is already been discussed on the web. But I really though some of the talk on creative culture and crossing boundaries was interesting.

Rethinking information

21 October 2007

On the latest blogpost of Think Differently!! they posted a video by Michael Wesch to explain the shift from paper-based information to digital information. It’s a video that tries to summarize some of the content of the book Everything is miscellaneous.

The video sparked some thought about tagging and the way its evolving. Currently tagging is a manual process, users try to identify to what taxonomy the content belongs to. This allows most of the available application to determine what other content is relevant. However most people have different background, cultures, and give different meanings to words. Also people change over time, changing their tagging behavior. So how to overcome this? There seem to be some “automatic” tagging solutions available:

  • Jiglu is a tagging solution that indexes page and determines the tags that each page should have, linking the pages together. This solution is especially convenient for all those large blog’s out there.
  • Twine “applies a semantic analysis to it that creates tags for each document, video or photo. The tags match up to concepts that Twine’s algorithms associate with each piece of content, regardless of whether that concept is specifically mentioned in the web page or other content being tagged. What Twine basically does is automatically generating smart tags and connects them together.” as explained by ERP-network.

The next step will be to personalize the tags based on the people’s browsing behavior. Computers have become stronger, grid computing isn’t that expensive anymore, so the obvious step becomes to integrate machine learning into web applications and use it for personalization. Still, I have a feeling that somehow we are not there yet. Its still difficult to make tags meaningful, linking all kinds of resources together doesn’t make them meaningful but makes them more useful. Meaningful would be if we could integrate a process of negotiation with the network/community into the tagging. If tagged content could evolve over time based on newly tagged content. And if tagged content would respect the amount of details the people requires (a person with a lot of information about programming might like to specify it further while a manager could be satisfied with just a programming tag).

This blog

18 October 2007

Hi, In this blog I will to think and talk about the subject of collective creativity. I hope to uncover some of the more difficult issues in the field together with the blogsphere. Consider this my first (test) post to see how things work!